Virginia Dream Act: Breaking Update

Virginia Dream Act News –NYTimes and NBC News

Attorney General Mark Herrings of Virginia announced that children of undocumented immigrants in Virginia now qualify for in-state tuition at public universities. Mr. Herrings stated that “‘I have concluded that in-state tuition rates can and should be extended’ to students who qualify. ‘They have known no home but Virginia,'” This decision was issued after Republicans in the General Assembly shot down the Dream Act earlier in the year. These students are required to have no legal record, must be a high school graduate, and must meet all requirements of other students.

Questions for discussion:

How do you feel about not allowing kids of undocumented immigrants the opportunity to complete their higher education in the US with in-state tuition?

Do you think it is right to give undocumented immigrants that entered the US under a specific age certain privileges? i.e. should children brought in the U.S. under the age of 16 be treated differently?

If you disagree with the Dream Act what do you believe the consequences are and what are your fears?

If undocumented immigrants come into the US, do you believe we should educate their children to become better contributing members of society when they grow up?

Do you agree/disagree with Attorney General Mark Herrings action to issue an opposing legal opinion than the Republicans General Assembly ruling to kill the state Dream Act earlier in the year?

Is this ruling unfair to documented immigrants in Virginia?

My thoughts: I agree with Mr. Herrings actions and I believe that every state should support the Dream Act. Please respond with yours.


One thought on “Virginia Dream Act: Breaking Update

  1. Immigration is a very tricky issue to resolve. I believe that children brought into the country under the age of 16 should definitely be treated differently. It’s not the child’s fault that they were brought to the United States illegally and depending how young the child is when they were brought to the states, the United States may be the only home they know.

    I’m by no means a supported of undocumented individuals residing in the country however. If not full citizenship children brought into the states illegally should have a fighting chance of at least obtaining legal residency with little to no risk of deportation if they desire to further their education. Once obtaining legal residence I don’t see an issue with them continuing with a higher education.

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